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Boiler Training

Boiler Training and Certification from a Team of Experts

A boiler is a complex machine and it requires in-depth training to learn how to manage it. If you’re looking to become a technician and want boiler training from the best of the best, come see us at Emerson Boiler. Our in-depth classes will prep you with the knowledge and insight you need to receive your official boiler certification. The official certification requires 80 hours of classroom boiler training plus a four-hour test to prove that you retained the knowledge. At Emerson Boilers, boilers are our passion and we’d be happy to impart that knowledge to you so you can learn this lucrative and fulfilling trade.
Some of the things we cover in boiler training include:

  • Basic Hydraulic systems

  • Boiler Fittings

  • Steam Valves and Controls

  • IRI Requirements

  • National Boiler Inspection Code

There is so much more that goes into boiler maintenance than simply learning about gears and valves. Although the basic functioning of the machine is important, it's even more important is to understand the conditions that make the machine safe and compliant with the law. Boilers are not only vital to daily life; they can also be dangerous machines if not serviced properly. Some boilers can explode if they overheat, which can cause untold damage to a building and put lives at risk. Therefore, before you’re able to work in the field, it’s necessary to receive the proper boiler training.
At Emerson Boilers, our team has dedicated their lives to understanding this unique appliance and we’d be happy to share all the things we’ve learned in the years we’ve been in the business. Our president John Soldinski has over 30 years of experience handling boilers and Eddy Emerson, our vice president, has over 50 years of experience and overlooks our training division. You won’t find a group with more experience handling boilers anywhere in central Arizona – and maybe even the country. We offer a variety of informative classes that are tailored to teach you the practical knowledge you need to work in the field.
Some of our boiler training courses include:
Boiler Certification and Recertification
In-house training
Shooting Boiler and Burner Controls
Operator/Preventative Maintenance
Hands-On training
Visit our website to see the full schedule of classes. You can also register for a course online or give us a call if you have any questions. We’re happy to speak to prospective students and help them decide if boiler maintenance is the right career path for them. Boiler maintenance is an excellent trade for those who are interested in machines and love to work with their hands. However, it does require diligence and hard work and it isn’t a field for everyone. Give us a call today if you’re ready to experience the best boiler training money can buy and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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