I have no knowledge of boilers, will your courses help me?

All of our courses are designed to be beneficial no matter one's boiler experience. But, the 80 hour course is especially design for the newcomer to the industry.

I have been working in the boiler industry for a very long time, can your courses offer me anything new?

The 40 hour course and the troubleshooting course are courses using the most up to date technology in the boiler and burner industry. They have proven to be extremely beneficial to those who have been in the field for many years. I have been in the boiler industry for over forty nine years and I am learning new things every day.

I have noticed that there has been much advancement as for as monitoring and fuel efficiency, do your courses cover the latest in boiler technology?


My employer is wanting me to learn more about troubleshooting boilers, do your courses cover that? 

Ninety five percent of all boiler problems are either a burner problem or a controls problem. Both the 40 hour course and the troubleshooting course are designed to address these problems. In both courses we use hands on modules to build and prove troubleshooting skills.

I am very interested in learning more about fuel efficiency, do your courses cover that?

Yes, at the cost of fuel today it is vital that we have a good understanding of combustion efficiency, true efficiency and the difference between the two. This is a very important part of all our course. Go green.

Both the 40 hour and the troubleshooting have the latest in burner controls such as: parallel position (Autoflame, Fireye nexus and Honeywell controlinks) along with high efficiency boiler technology.

Do you have any hands on learning modules?

Yes, in the 40 hour and the troubleshooting courses we have both Flame Safeguard and Firing Rate Controls.

Do you cover all boilers and burners that are on the market today?

No, there are hundreds of different boilers and burners using something over ten thousand different parts. Therefore, the courses are laid out to cover general types of boilers and burners, providing the skills and knowledge to go back and apply it to your specific boiler or burner.

Do I need to bring any special tools or equipment?


There are no beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, how is it that a beginner and someone with vast experience can both benefit from your courses?

The 80 hour course is really set up for the beginner and those who do not work exclusively on boilers and burners. If your duties are restricted to boilers and burners only than the 40 hour course or the troubleshooting course will be more in line with what is needed. There may be some review for the truly advanced boiler technician, but that never hurt anyone. The troubleshooting course may be difficult for someone who has never seen a boiler or worked on one.

Will we be visiting sites?

No, the insurance coverage for most facilities will no longer allow them to have guests in the physical plants, which is unfortunate.

No, but a brain would help. :D

Do your courses cover hydronic boilers?

Yes, we cover both steam (low and high pressure) and hydronics.

My building is controlled by an energy management system, do you cover those?

No, energy management systems are preparatory in nature. We cover what the codes allow them to control and how they interact with the boiler or burner system. But, only the manufacturer of the energy management system can detail how their system works.

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