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Hands-On Training 

  People who work with their hands, learn with their hands. 

An important part of our training is the hands on projects. In addition, our hands-on projects are projects that will not get the hands dirty, yet develops the mind

A project completed on a hands-on training module re-enforces and builds on the classroom knowledge gained. These modules incorporate numerous boiler, and burner components into a complete boiler/ burner system. This provides for a complete, and functioning arrangement for a better understanding between boiler/burner components and the operational system. 



Students will hook-up an entire boiler / burner system, and then troubleshoot problems within that system.

The hands-on modules range from the very basic to the newest most modern of boiler systems. Therefore, the student can begin at his or her level of skill and knowledge. If the student does not have a background in boiler / burner system we begin with the basics, and they can advance to the more complex. If a student has many years of expierence we provide the newest or more technical system within the market place. if the student works with only one type boiler/ burner system , they can gain a greater understanding and details of that system.  

The hands-on training is flexible enough to provide a beneficial experience for all students. During the hands-on portion of the training the instructor will also work with students on any special problem occuring at their plant or locations.

Our courses are general in nature, and specific in application. 

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