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Troubleshooting boiler & Burner Controls 

This Course covers 

Boiler Safeties and Limit Controls
Burner Interlocks
Boiler and Burner Circuits
Fundamentals of Gas Burners
Fundamentals of Oil Burners
Auxiliary Equipment
Primary Flame Safeguard Controls
Troubleshooting Charts for Boiler Controls


Hands-On Wiring


Operation and Troubleshooting of Flame Detection Systems
Combustion (Gas & Oil)
Efficiency and Burner Calibration
Programming Flame Safeguard Controls
Firing Rate Controls
Fuel Trains (Gas & Oil)
Modernization of Flame Safeguard and Firing Rate Controls


Hands-On Troubleshooting


And Linkageless Systems!!!!!!!


Troubleshooting Boiler & Burner Circuits: Learn to systematically evaluate and troubleshoot boiler and burner control circuits.


Boiler & Burner Components and Function: Learn what makes up a complete boiler control and combustion system.


Flame Detection: Learn how the flame is sensed and monitored.


Firing Rate: learn how conventional jackshaft (single point) firing rate and parallel positioning modulation systems work.


Cost Savings: Find out how to increase fuel efficiency.


Discover: Advantages of parallell positioning over single point firing rate control. Hands-on panels for Fireye Nexus, Honeywell Controlinks, and Autoflame.


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